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Spalding & Stewart Distillery Building, Perth

This gallery contains some of the results of producing a photographic record of those mills that are still standing, to document the remains of this wonderful heritage that provided so much to the economy in the early days of the region. You can learn more about these mill by viewing the report "Mills of the Tay and Area" which you will find on the Tay Canal and River History Page.

The main source of these was a project of the Lanark County Camera Club, in 2005, in cooperation with the Friends of the Tay Watershed Association. The photos were taken by Ralph Buttrum; Paul Sturmey; David Zimmerly; Graeme Crab; and Gary Webster.

Copyright Notice: These photos are the property individual photographers (credited on the photos). Please contact us for permission to use them.

photo by: Graeme Crab

The distillery owned by Spalding and Stewart, Gore Street, Perth; said to have been connected to Drummond Street by a tunnel; presently the Telus Office. 2005

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