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Postcards of Old Perth & Area II

As mentioned in the earlier postcard series on this site, postcards have become an important record of Canada's history, from their original purpose of fast, and inexpensive, communication. The postcard era, which commenced in the 1870s, had its 'Golden Age' between 1907 and 1915. The study of these - deltiology - and their collection and display - have become a major hobby and industry.

Thank you to Jim Winton for providing this series.

Copyright Notice: These photos are the property of Jim Winton. Please contact us for permission to use them.

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View of Foster Street, looking east from Wilson Street. A parade on Gore Street at Matheson House, 1905. Mammoth Cheese shipment. St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church. View from the top of the Perth water tower north on Harvey Street, about 1900. The exact location of Williams Landing is believed to be at the intersection of South Street and the Tay River. The note on the back designates this as Mr. Shaw's boat. McKinley's Bridge crossed Grants Creek, at Devil's Rock, upstream from Rogers Road, on the west side of Perth. Patriotic postcard presumably WWI, by the Royal Theatre. Perth's popular early outdoor swimming pool, on Mill Street. St. Andrews Church, Drummond Street, from 1898 until its loss to fire, in 1923. Tay Basin, looking toward Drummond  Street Bridge and garden tended by Bridgemaster Russel. The garden of the Stewart home, built by T. A. Code in 1906. The House of Industry is now part of the Lanark Lodge, on Sunset Boulevard, in Tay Valley Township. The Tay Basin from the tow path side of canal. In the background may be seen the tops of St. James Church and Summit House. The high wooden buidling, foreground right, is the former Locke Tavern. The Tay Canal Path, ca 1920s, looking toward the Tayside Textiles plant, ca 1920s. View of Gore Street looking west.

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