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Log House at 103 Peter Street, Perth

These photos were taken as the historic log house at #103, on the north side of Peter Street, was being dismantled, and eventually moved to be rebuilt on a new location on Rideau Lake. The property on which the house sat, and all of Peter Street, were part of an early area of Perth that dates to the Town's very beginning - "Carolina Village" - bounded by North Street, Wilson Street and the Tay River. The property has enjoyed many owners over the years, beginning with its transfer from the Crown to Alexander Thom, on April 12, 1820 - when Mr. Thom named it for his daughter, Caroline. Its detailed history, and that of the 19th century log house, will be provided shortly on this website.

Copyright Notice: These photos are the property of David Taylor. Please contact us for permission to use them.

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Front of Log House, 103 Peter Street.  The house being dismantled.  Its last siding – horizontal vinyl – may be seen on the left Front Corner of House.  One of the boards from the original vertical "board and batten" siding may be seen at the top of the photo.  The shingles, bottom centre, came from another part of the house. East Wall and Window Opening.  The window openings on both the first and second floors. East Wall and Window Opening.  The window openings on both the first and second floors. Close Up View of the Logs and Chinking.  The logs were squared, hand hewn, and chinked with mortar. Ceiling and Rafters. With the modern gyproc ceiling removed, the original rafters may be seen – as well as the second story floor boards. House Foundation.  Common to this very early era, the foundation of hand cut rock was not cemented. Peter Street from Lewis Street.  Looking west from Lewis Street, the front of the log house may be seen through the trees, beside a brick house.

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