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Barn Raising on the Scotch Line - 1886

Barn Raising on the Scotch Line 1886

(on the farm of J. D. Moodie, Scotch Line, June 30 1886) (Source - Perth Courier - May 20, 1998)

This picture was donated to the Perth Museum by James G. Ferrier of the Scotch Line, who died on March 9, 1987, at the age of 95 years and ten months. Both his father (Abraham Ferrier Jr.) and his grandfather (Isaac Ferrier Sr.) are in the picture. The owner of the farm, James D. Moodie, was married to Janet Ferrier, the daughter of Isaac Ferrier and sister of Abraham Ferrier Jr.

On the top beam, sitting: James Ferrier; John Ferrier Sr.; John Palmer; James Robinson.

Standing: Robert MacLaren; Abraham Ferrier Jr.; Harry Acheson; Isaac Ferrier; Alex Moodie; Robert Strong.

Sitting: John McDonald; Albert Wilson; Home Boy (name unknown); Alex Dodds; Jas. D. Allan; Robert Brash; Jas. Wilson.

Sitting on beam beside ladder: James Cameron, blacksmith, Fallbrook.

Middle beam, standing at left: Andy Turnbull; John Ferrier.

Middle beam, sitting at right: R. Davidson; Abe Moodie; Frank Allan Sr.; name unknown.

Standing on barn floor: Geo. Farnell; James Fraser; Abraham Ferrier Sr.; Mac Ferrier; Robert Allan (of Rathwell, Manitoba); Robert Moodie; Frank Allan Jr.; James Moodie; John Allan; Od. Consitt; Chas. Walker; John Armour.

Between rows: Wm. Acheson; John Moodie.

Sitting on gangway: T. A. Moodie; John McGowan; Matt Balderson; Isaac Ferrier Sr.; Barnie Hogan; Alex Abercrombie; Sloan (first name unknown). Sitting far right: James Moodie Sr.; Wm. Cowie

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