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Perth Military Settlement Map Thumbnail
Map of Settlement Area
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Follow the links below to learn more about the history of the neighbouring townships and villages:


Port Elmsley and the Locks of the First Tay Canal

History Books and Papers on Perth and Area

Sources of Historical Material on Early Perth and the Area

Barn Raising on the Scotch Line in 1886 (photo)

Train Wreck at Sucker Lake

Cheese Factories in Lanark County


1863 Map of Lanark County - east side

1863 Map of Lanark County - west side

Map of Historic Bolingbroke / Althorpe

Map of Historic Maberly

Perth Military Settlement Map - zoom in and place your cursor on any Lot to view the data.

Searchable Database: use the magnifying glass icon and enter family or transport ship names. Use the map icon for a map view.


Field of Blood, Locating the Site of the Last Fatal Duel

Mills of the Tay and Area (6.5 Mb PDF)  Updated

A Walking Tour Through Glen Tay, Historic Hamlet on Glen Tay Road in Tay Valley Township  Updated

Geology and Mining Deposits and History of Mining in the Tay Watershed - see:

Cycling in Perth and Area, Past & Present (0.3 Mb PDF)

Civilian Settlers to the Perth Area, and their ships; 1816-1819 (0.1 Mb PDF)
excel file Civilian Settlers to the Perth Area, and their ships; 1816-1819 (0.2 Mb XLS)

Key Dates in the Founding of the Perth Military Settlement (0.75 Mb PDF)

The Post-War Settlement and Founding of North Grenville, 1814-1820

FEW PLACES MORE DISADVANTAGED - The Crown & Clergy Reserve Dispute


THE THIRD WAVE - The Lanark 'Society Settlers'

UNTIMELY DEMISE - Death and Injury at Early Perth



MECKLENBURG TO LANARK - An Administrative Evolution

LA GRIPPE - The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919

MASTERS & SERVANTS - Runaway Apprentices & Housemaids

ULTIMATE PENALTY OF THE LAW - The Death Penalty at Perth

William Lee's Family History - The Lee Family's Arrival in the Perth Military Settlement, 1816

Liberal in Opinion and Broad in his Views, James Shaw (1798-1878)

Thomas Scott - Opening the North-West

Lumber Baron - Peter McLaren

Livingstones of Lanark

Canada First - Charles Adam Mair

Aristocrats in the Wilderness - Jean-Louis Viscomte de Chalus

Streetcar Pioneer: George Ephraim Patterson (1838-1927)

God bless Our Land

Snow Birds - Waddell Brothers

A Story of the Great War - The Scott Family of McDonald Corners

Traffic Control - Evan John McIlraith (1886-1978)

When Lyon fell by Wilson's Hand

The Elmsley Oil Field

Surveyor Joseph Miller Oliver Cromwell (1819-1897)

Gold Fever - Lanark County's 49rs

Photographic Artist - Rosetta Ernestine Watson-Carr

RCMP Deputy Commissioner, James Wilson Spalding


A recommended short video on the log drives on our early rivers:

A longer video on the log drives in English:

The Log Drivers' Waltz:

Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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