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1816 Routes to Perth

Perth Military Settlement Map Thumbnail
Map of Settlement Area
(click to enlarge)

FEW PLACES MORE DISADVANTAGED - The Crown & Clergy Reserve Dispute [2015]

Perth Regional Heritage Fair

Cycling in Perth and Area, Past & Present [2011]

UNTIMELY DEMISE - Death and Injury at Early Perth [2016]

LA GRIPPE - The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919 [2016]

MASTERS & SERVANTS - Runaway Apprentices & Housemaids [2016]

The Story of the Ontario Women's Institutes [2017]

First Woman at The Polls [2018]

Klan Gathering Yonder [2018]

ULTIMATE PENALTY OF THE LAW - The Death Penalty at Perth [2016]

One Knight Girt With Sword [2018]

The Corporation Baby [2018]

Printing Money - William and John Bell [2020]

God bless Our Land [2018]

The Elmsley Oil Field [2018]

Gold Fever - Lanark County's 49rs

Chivaree - Chastisement by 'Rough Music' [2020]


Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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