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1816 Routes to Perth

Perth Military Settlement Map Thumbnail
Map of Settlement Area
(click to enlarge)

Follow the links below to learn more about the military history of Perth & District

Perth Military Settlement Soldier-Settlers [2010]
excel file Perth Military Settlement Soldier-Settlers

Military History Books, Hall of Remembrance

Johanna 'Joan' Matheson - Nurse in the Northwest Rebellion [2018]

Memories of the Great War by Murray Walker [2018]

A Story of the Great War - The Scott Family of McDonald Corners [2018]

On the Way to Berlin by John Edward de Hertel [2019]

Perth's Verbruggen Guns, and the legend of Crysler's Farm [2019]

A Few Notes About The Forming Of A Military Settlement
     at Perth And Surrounding Country

DEATH AT BATOCHE - Alexander Walker Kippen [2015]

BLOODY SUNDAY - Donegan & Manion at Paardeberg Drift [2016]

SOLDIER & ANGLICAN PRIEST - Reverend Michael Harris [2015]

NO ONE KNEW WHERE HE HAD GONE - Sailor-Settler Robert Pottie



Thomas Scott - Opening the North-West [2016]

Back From The Wars - what The Soldiers got [2016]

Canada General Service Medals awarded To Lanark county
     Soldiers 1866 - 1870

Chart: Age of Revolution - 1755-1816 [2015]

A Life Well Spent - Flora Madeline Shaw R.N. [2020]

American Ambulance Hospital Paris - Isobel Mary Watts [2020]

Boer War Nurse - Mary Ellen 'Minnie' Affleck [2020]

Croix de Guerre - Lillian Gibson Spence [2020]

In Flanders Fields [2020]

No.1 Canadian General Hospital - Edith Alberta Gallagher [2020]

Trouble on the Border - The Fenian Raids of 1866-1871 [2020]

Le Petit Canada - John Andrew Kerr (1852-1940) [2020]

Northman - William Creighton ‘Rags’ Wilson (1885-1929) [2021]

War Crimes: HMHS Llandovery Castle [2021]

Regional War Memorial Listings [2021]

Captain Hooper's Farmhouse - The Battle of Kitchener’s Wood Ypres, April 1915 [2022]

Vimy Ridge 09-14 1917 [2022]

Home Front Casualties [2022]

The Other Diefenbunker - CFS Richardson Detachment 1962-1994 [2022]

Let The Boy Scout Do It [2022]

Trophy Guns [2022]

A Letter From Thunder Bay Bivouac 1870 [2022]

 Fighting for the Blue and Grey [2023]

 Vladivostok, October 1918 - April 1919 [2023]

 HMML-373 Lieutenant Charles Ross Watt, RVNR [2023]

Historical Mapping Project

Use the links below to find the names and locations of the earliest military personnel and settlers:

Perth Military Settlement Map - zoom in and place your cursor on any Lot to view the data.

Searchable Database: use the magnifying glass icon and enter family or transport ship names. Use the map icon for a map view.


Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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