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Local History
Canada General Service Medals
awarded To Lanark county Soldiers
1866 - 1870

Note: this article appears courtesy The Lanark County Genealogical Society
Transcribed and submitted by Del Dunlop
Published in the LCGS Newsletter, August, 1999.

In 1972 the Military Collectors’ Club of Canada produced a list which purported to include all recipients of the General Service Medal of 1866-70 which was issued to all participants in the conflict that is now referred to as The Fenian Raids and later in 1870 to the Red River affair.
Among recipients of this medal were the members of these Rifle and Infantry Companies from the immediate Lanark County area:

Barnett, Aaron Berryman, Sam J.
Bond, George Brown, John
Brown, Lyman Bryan, Chas. H.
Coleman, Abel Cram, Joseph
Douglass, Thos. D. Edwards, Charles
Gemmell, James D. Gilmour, John
McDougall, Peter McEwen, Dugald
McPhee, Arch Mitcheson, Thomas
Murray, James Nicholson, Wm.
Rosamond, James Russell, Gavin
Russell, Nath. M. Scott, Sep
Simpson, Charles Somerville, Jas. H.
Templeton, William Tennant, Thomas
Teskey, Ang. M. Wilson, Peter C.
Wilson, Robert

Adams, Abr. Bell, Jos. J.
Bell, Robt. W. Burke, M.
Coleman, Andrew Coleman, James
Cram, Wm. C. Dowdal, William
Duff, William Fleming, Robert
Grey, William B. Kilpatrick, Ephr.
Kirkpatrick, Jas. T. Leslie, Jacob
McArthur, Dan C. McCallum, Archb.
McCallum, Lachlan McFadden, James
McNab, David McNeely, Drum
McNeely, John McPherson, David
McPherson, George McVean, Archibald
Moffat, James Moore, James
Moore, Wm. H. Patterson, Wm.
Pattie, William Rorison, William
Sinclaire, John Sumner, John O.
Tucker, Pat Willis, James
Wilson, John M.

Allison, And. Anderson, John
Baird, James G. Berlangett, John
Bradley, Mich. Cameron, James
Clarke, Henry Cowan, James
Cowan, William Dark, Thomas
Dryman, Jas. Dudley, William
Farrell, James Lowe, And.
McKeown, John Mann, James
Moore, And. Needham, Sam
Needham, Thomas Owens, William
Scott, Robert Simpson, James
Smith, James Tait, Ralph
Woods, John

Best, Henry Best, John
Binks, Thomas C. Binks, Wm. J.
Burns, Pat Campbell, David
Davis, James DeWitt, Henry
Dittrich, John Douglas, Thomas
McCullouch, George McCullough, Chris
McCullough, John McLean, Neil
McLenaghen, James McVitty, Simon
Marks, Dan Matheson, Arthur J.
Matheson, Ch. A. Mitchell, George
Farmer, Sam Farmer, Thomas
Farmer, William Field, John
Field, William W. Fisher, John P.
Glossop, Dan Glossop, Franc. H.
Hayhurst, James D. Hendry, John
Hetherington, Frank Hughes, Robert S.
Jamieson, Arch. Joynt, Chris
Livingston, Sim. Moore, George
Oliver, George Riddell, Russ. C.
Scott, Thomas Smith, James C.
Steele, William J. Stewart, Robert
Stone, George Thompson, John T.
Walker, James M. Walker, Robert H.
Williams, Wm. Wilson, John

Baird, And. Bell, Chas. N.
Cameron, Ben Campbell, John M.
Cavanagh, William H. Checkley, John B.
Cherry, George Dennison, Wm. J.
Douglas, John W. Dunlop, Peter
Fairbairn, Wm. L. Fisher, Sam
Flett, Thomas James, Wm.
Judson, Lor. H. Kellock, Wm. L.
Kippen, Alec. Kippen, John
Larivee, George H. Lavergne, Pet.
Lawson, Wm. Lillie, Rob.
MacMartin, Malc. M. McIntosh, John B.
Mitchell, David G. Moffat, Thomas
Moore, James Norton, Th. H.
Patterson, Mann Robertson, Jas. W.
Scott, William Spillman, Ed.
Steele, George Storey, Sam
Thornton, Jn. Warren, Ben
Watson, Wm. Wylie, Wm. H.

Anderson, Wm. J. Calladine, Wm.
Caswell, Wm. H. McGregor, Alex.
Percy, And. Wood, David F.
Each name on these lists represent a medal issued by the Canadian government in appreciation for these individuals volunteering to answer the call for a nation in distress. Any medal that is not being carefully preserved by the families of these men should be presented to the local museums for safe keeping and preservation. They could be shared with others with an historical interest. Two other local companies were the Burritt’s Rapids Infantry Company and the Merrickville Rifle Company.

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