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Books and Reports about Perth and Area

The long and interesting history of Perth and area has been well-chronicled over the years. As it is not possible to list all of the excellent books, the following list is provided as examples of what is available:

Perth and Area History Books:

  • Journal and books by the Rev. William Bell (Perth Museum)

  • Pioneer Sketches in the District of Bathurst, Andrew Haydon (1925, The Ryerson Press, Toronto)

  • A Pioneer History of the County of Lanark, Jean S. McGill (1968 Clay Publishing Co. Ltd., Bewdley, Ontario)

  • Perth – Tradition & Style in Eastern Ontario, Larry Turner (1992 Natural Heritage Inc.)

  • A Matter of Honour and Other Tales of Early Perth, Susan Code McDougall (1996 The General Store Publishing House, Renfrew, Ontario) (may be viewed on Google Books)

  • The Merchants, Professionals and Tradespeople of Perth, Gus Quattrocchi, Perth (1997)

  • Forgotten Hero, Alexander Fraser (1789-1830), Ron. W. Shaw & M. E. Irene Spence (2012, The Book Nook, Perth)

  • The First Tay Canal in the Rideau Corridor, 1830-1850, Larry Turner, 1984 (Book on CD by Friends of the Rideau)

  • The Second Tay Canal in the Rideau Corridor, 1880-1940, Larry Turner, Parks Canada Manuscript 295 (CD copy, 2014, Friends of the Rideau, Smiths Falls, ON)

  • St. Crispins' Legacy: Shoemaking in Perth, Ontario 1834-2004, John A. McKenty (2014, John McKenty, R. R. 5 Perth, ON)

  • Tales of the Hare; a Prequel and Sequel to the Last Fatal Duel by Ron Shaw (2014, Friesen Press)

  • First We Were Soldiers; the Long March to Perth', Ron Shaw (2015, Friesen Press)

  • The Slippers' Keeper, Ian Wallace (2015, The Book Nook, Perth)

  • Influence & Ambition; First Persons of Perth, by Ron W. Shaw. (2016, Global Heritage Press)
  • North Elmsley: Doorway to the Past, Celebrating the 200th Anniversary, by Shirley Jones-Wellman, Michael McEwen, Irene Spence, & Jim Winton; traces the history of Elmsley Township, with maps and pictures of many early families. Archives Lanark, 1920 Con. 7, Drummond Centre (; 613-267-2232 or 613-430-4785

  • At Home in Tay Valley, Celebrating the 200th Anniversary, Edited by Kay Rogers (2015, General Store Publishing House)

  • Perth-on-the-Tay, a tale of the transplanted Highlanders - A novel based on earlier Perth and area, with some local history - by Josephine Smith, Merrickville Mortimer Co., Printers, 1901 (may be viewed on Google Books).

  • Rideau Waterway, by Robert Legget (1955 University of Toronto Press)

  • A History of Drummond Township by John C. Ebbs, 1999, General Store Publishing

  • Montague: A Social History of an Irish Ontario Township 1783-1980, by Glenn J. Lockwood, Mastercraft Printing, Kingston

  • Smiths Falls: A Social History of Men and Women in a Rideau Canal Community 1794-1994, by Glenn J. Lockwood, Motion Creative Publishing, Carleton Place

  • The Story of Lanark 1862, Centenary Souvenir, Lanark Centenary Committee, 1962, Lanark Village

  • Beckwith: The Irish and Scottish Identities in a Canadian Community 1816-1991, Glenn J. Lockwood, 1991, Beckwith Township

  • Glen Tay, Then and Now, by Barbara Jordan, 1997

  • The Dammed Lakes - an Environmental History of Crow and Bobs Lakes, by Lloyd B. Jones, 1988, Essence Publishing, Belleville, Ontario

  • Living by the Chase, by Lloyd B Jones, 2002, Essence Publishing, Belleville, Ontario (First Nations Peoples of the Bobs and Crow Lakes Region)

  • The Rural School Books Series, available at Archives Lanark, 1920 Con. 7, Drummond Centre (
       -"Rural Schools of Lanark Township" (2010)
       -"Rural Schools; Drummond Township" (2015)
       -"Rural Schools of North Elmlsey"

  • Voices of Pike Lake Edited by Kay Rogers (2011, General Store Publishing House, Renfrew, Ontario)

  • BurgessWood, published by BurgessWood Property Owners Association (Perth Library and Perth Museum) , 2012

  • The Rideau Route; Exploring the Pre-Canal Waterway, by Ken W. Watson (2007, Ken W. Watson)

  • Barns, a Reflection of the Times - by Claudia Smith (2015, Claudia Smith)

  • Cheese Stakes: Lanark County's Mammoth Cheese and its Place in Cheesemaking History - by Ron W. Shaw (2018), Global Heritage Press

  • Memories of Home: An Anthology of Stories by the Residents of Drummond/North Elmsley - published by and available from the Township of Drummond/North Elmsley (2017)

  • A Swarm of Bees: Lanark Society Settlers 1800-1900, A Journey from Scotland to Upper Canada and Utah - by Ron W. Shaw (2018), Global Heritage Press

Reports and Documents:

Archaeological examination of the old St. Andrews Church Site by Ontario Realty Corporation, 2009

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Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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