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Perth & District Historical Society Meetings are open to the public and are held on the third Thursday of each month, at 7:30 pm, at the Perth Canadian Legion Hall, 26 Beckwith Street East. A voluntary “Toonie Fee” (donation) is suggested for each meeting. See below for upcoming meetings

* there are normally no meetings in July, August and December.

June 20 P&DHS Meeting, Perth Legion Rian Manson, Smiths Falls railway historian and archival assistant at LAC, takes us through two of the LAC’s largest collections: Merrilees’ on marine and railway transportation, and the CN collection, with advice on navigating through the LAC archives. See the meeting announcement (PDF)


January Doug Phillips A talk with display artifacts and photographs all about the Frost and Woods Company of Smiths Falls.
February Frances Rathwell An in-depth presentation on the documentation available on our area’s history in the Lanark County Archives
March Shelagh Stevens Retired Officer Stevens on the role of women in International Peacekeeping
April Allison Margot Smith Presentation of two films produced, with the Township of Rideau Lakes – ‘Beverly Riots and a Death in Phillipsville’, and ‘Taverns and Their Keepers’, on taverns in the early communities
May Glen Russell Documentary, and upcoming exhibition, on Elgin area’s photographer Clifford Pennock, his artistry and photos of residents and early life in Elgin area

January Ron W. Shaw "Rendition on Wellington Street: London's Unrepentant Confederates and the Ku Klux Klan", Ron’s recent book on the 1872 kidnapping, and transporting to the United States, of Dr. James Rufus Bratton, and the subsequent government protests.
February Glenn Tunnock The historical context of Canada’s fractured relationship of the past with our First Nations, its evolving framework and suggestions on potential ongoing action
March Lynne Haddon The history of three of Perth’s most prominent gardens - the Gore Street Flag Garden, Inge Va Garden and Matheson House Garden
April Gary J. Smith Gary J. Smith, author of the book “Ice War Diplomat: Hockey Meets Cold War Politics”, on the iconic 1972 Hockey Summit Series
May Allison Margot Smith Historical documentaries produced in partnership with Rideau Lakes Township: ‘The Rideau Canal; the Big Breakthrough’ and ‘Fettercairn; WWI on Indian Lake ’.
June PDHS A slide-show and artefact tour following the Perth Citizen’s Band from its 1852 founding
September Michael Dupuis presentation on the post-war time of turmoil in Winnipeg, the resulting 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, and its impacts
October James Forrester “Deconstructing the Historic Old Red House in Perth”, the story of relocating the 1816 ‘Old Red House’ to the Algonquin College Perth Campus
November Brian Tackaberry A presentation on the United Empire Loyalists, some of whom continued north to settle the Rideau River, and their area settlements.

June - - ‘The Canadian Federation of University Women – Sharing Their Past, Present & Future’, and ‘A Warm-up to Canada Day, with a Selection of Patriotic Canadian Songs, Written by Ellis Craig’
September Meryl Oliver "Tracking and Discovery of the Elusive Franklin Ships by Parks Canada"
October Ross Lamber ‘The Early Life of Dr. Norman Bethune, and His Connection to Spain’
November Jennifer Irwin & Roy Probert The story of famous WWI Flying Ace, A. Roy Brown, presented by Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum and President of the Roy Brown Society.

January Ron W. Shaw The story of Lanark Society Settler families from Glasgow, and present-day Lanark County, to Salt lake City, Utah.
February John McKenty 'Joe Perkins' Life & Times'

January Kathryn Jamieson A vision for Perth's Matheson House Museum.
February Eric Halpin An introduction to The Perth Cemetery Company, Elmwood Cemetery and some inhabitants.
March Loree Tannett Revisits the world of Canada's early Fall fairs.
April Jack Hollinger Heritage Carpentry in our area, Canada and abroad.
May David Crowley The move to the Glen Tay multi-room school, in 1968, of the traditional one-room schools of early Bathurst and North Burgess Townships.
June Laura Desmond Frederick Remington's Northern Frontier
September James Forrester Perth's oldest building, the 'Old Red House', 55 Craig Street; heritage residence and early community centre, as military quarters, tavern, meeting hall, church etc.
October John McKenty "The Life & Times of Joe Perkins"
November John Clement History of the Perth Courier; recent developments in the community newspaper sector

January Ellen Dean The 100th anniversary of the devastating Halifax Explosion, the largest man-made non-nuclear explosion in history
February Ron Shaw The little known stories of the Black families who were an integral part of the Perth and area community in the late 1800s.
March Susan Code Stories of early Perth and our townships
April Jim Winton Perth's early prestigious whiskey business
May Brent McLaren The tradition and history of Perth's Town Crier
June Meet & Mingle A fun get-together, recognising Maximilian Restaurant's anniversary and the Summer Solstice
September Stuart Howard History of True Britons Lodge 14
October Author Larry Cotton The Richmond Military Road, celebrating its 200th Anniversary this year
November Major General Clive Addy post-war options for the future

January Perth 200th Anniversary Committee An audio-visual review of the Town's anniversary celebration in 2016
February Loree Tannett What Our Forebears Wore in the 19th Century
March Perth-Upon-Tay Musical Group Janet Coward and Group on Dominion Days from 1867
April Deborah Ireton The History and Contribution of the Women's Institutes to our Ontario Communities" (see presentation on the Perth Local History Page)
May Anne Raina Meeting cancelled
June Glenn Tunnock Events leading to Truth and Reconciliation, and insights into local opportunities for addressing them
September Anne Raina Author of Clara's Rib: A true story of a young girl growing up in a Tuberculosis Hospital, presents her book on Clara's life in 'the San' in Ottawa from her arrival as a pre-teen to her departure as a young woman in her mid-twenties
October Frances Rathwell "The One Room Rural Schools in Lanark County", the series of books researched and published by Archives Lanark preserving the history of the County's early schools
November John Stewart Landscape Architect of Perth's award-winning Heritage Canada Main Street Program discusses the town's architectural heritage

January Ken Watson "Finding the Settlers Trail": a visual presentation of the route of the first settlers from Brockville to Perth depot.
February Janet Coward with Rob Carroll, Murray Hodgins, Melanie Weber and Mary Lou Carroll A celebration of seven decades of St. Patrick’s Day festivities in early Perth and area.
March Brian Gilhuly The Ottawa Valley Railroads, including our area's 1865 Brockville to Ottawa line.
April Major John R. Grodzinski "The Legacies of Military Service": the lives of the 1812 veterans following the war.
May Drummond/North Elmsley Township Celebrating 200 years of the united Drummond and North Elmsley Townships
June Algonquin College Library Presentation on the Historical Mapping Project, with Barrie Crampton
September Susan Code An evening of story-telling on Tay Valley's original Bathurst, North Burgess and South Sherbrooke Townships
October Tim Zander Sports teams and Players that have made a significant contribution to the Perth & District area; introduction to the Perth & District Sports Hall of Fame
November John Fowler, John Gemmell The Role of the Church in early Perth, and the Perth Legion

January Author Roy MacSkimming On the upcoming book 'The Secret History of John A.', marking the bicentennial of Macdonald's birthday.
February Annie Dalton/Barrie Crampton The story of the extinction, one hundred years ago, of the Passenger Pigeon; followed by the digital historical mapping project under development for the 200th anniversary.
March Brian Perkin Over 40 years of area broadcasting culminating in the development of local radio station Lake 88
April Rhodena Bell How Joe Purdon dedicated his life to protecting the rare Showy Lady’s Slipper
May Brian & Renee Porter The second of our presentations on Sir John A. Macdonald's bicentennial; the domestic side of John A.'s life.
June Hélène Jasmin The story of Perth's Elsie Meighen Reford, founder of the famous Métis Gardens (also known as Reford Gardens) of eastern Quebec
September Video The documentary film 'The Story of Perth, Part One' by Robert & Sharon Newton
October Brian Gilhuly Our Ottawa Valley early railroads, including our area's 1865 Brockville to Ottawa line.
November Kay Rogers Tay Valley Township's 200th anniversary book, 'At Home in Tay Valley'.

January Perth, Tay Valley Twp., Drummond/North Elmsley Twp. Representatives of three local municipalities unveiled celebration plans for the area’s 200th anniversary, 2016
February Author Shaun McLaughlin Stories of the 1838 attacks on Upper Canada, the aftermath of the 1837 Rebellion
March Show & Tell Presentations Nine local residents with presentations and displays on a wide collection of interesting artifacts and documents from our past
April Author Claudia Smith & Perth Resident Frank Mahon A double billing featuring Claudia Smith and her grandmother's story of serving at the front, as a nurse, in WWI, and Frank Mahon of Perth with the mystery behind a seaman's travel desk.
May Jim Sands, F/O (Retired) Canada's Role in WWII development of Radar.
June Janet Coward Musical Evening This third annual musical evening featured the area's 19th Century Temperance Movement.
September David Frisch The story of unknown Almonte Hero George Eccles.
October John McKenty The story of how shoemaking became a significant Perth industry, 'St. Crispin's Legacy; Shoemaking in Perth, Ontario, 1834-2014.
November Denise Chong Harry (Fong) Johnston, of early Perth's Harry's Cafe, is remembered in 'Lives of the Family; Stories of Fate and Circumstance', the stories of three Chinese families living in small town Canada.

January Ron Shaw, Irene Spence Forgotten Hero - the story of Alexander Fraser.
Feburary Chris Anstead The story of John Wilson (last duel) and family
March Roy MacSkimming & Don Beattie Otty Lake's North Shore
April David Taylor Our Lost Mills of the Tay River Area
May Ken Watson Why World Heritage? (Rideau Canal)
June Tobi Kieswalter Guided tour of the Silver Queen Mine, Murphys Point Provincial Park
September John Gemmell Welcome to the Perth Legion and tour of their Hall of Remembrance Museum
October Arlene Stafford-Wilson An evening of excerpts from Arlene's four books on reminiscences of Lanark County, and advice on developing our own family history interviews
November Glenn Tunnock update on the status of negotiations on land claims with the eastern Ontario Algonquin First Nations

January Tobi Kiesewalter The History and Archaeology of Murphy's Point Park
February David Turner The Foundation of Representative Government in Canada: its BNA Origin
March Janet Coward and the
Perth-Upon-Tay Musical Heritage group
An evening of song based on two 19th Century St. Patrick's Day evening social events in Perth
April Shaun J. McLaughlin The 1837 Rebellion along the New-York-Canada Border
May Major John. R. Grodzinski The War of 1812 on the Upper St. Lawrence
June Tour of Bowes Mill Tour of Bowes Mill followed by a meeting with the Tay Valley 200 Anniversary Committee at EcoTay
September Clark Theobald Talk about his recently published book on Daniel Daverne, controversial A/Supt. in early Perth.
October Ronald L. Doering Defending Our Homeland - Loyalist families of Dundas County and the Battle of Crysler's Farm (novel).
November John McKenty Arden Blackburn's Mail Route: The Early Days at Christie Lake.

January Mike Jaques Colonel Myers and the Mount Myers in Perth
February Roy MacSkimming Sir Wilfred Laurier: Laurier in Love
March David Theobald Conservation of Historical Documents
April Carleton Place Representatives experience and opportunities under sister-city twinning agreements
May John McKenty The Canada Cycle & Motor Company - the CCM Bicycle
June Janet Coward A Selection of Traditional Perth 19th Century Music
September Kay Rogers Recently Launched Book Voices of Pike Lake
October Edith George Designation of Heritage Trees in the Community
November -- Film presentation "From Famine to Shipwreck: An Irish Odyssey". Presented by: Kay Rogers and Jane Murphy
December -- Christmas 2011 Newsletter

January Keith Lindsay The War of 1812
February Glenn Tunnock The Ottawa Valley Fire of 1870
March Terence Currie The 175th Anniversary of the Tay Canal
April Brian Porter The North-West Mounted Police
May Susan Code-McDougall The Code Family of Perth and Area
June Glenn Lockwood History of St. James Church in Pert
September Glenn Tunnock Perth Scotland's 800th Anniversary
October Glenn Lockwood St. James Church, Perth - Chapter T
November Tim Zander The Canadian European War MemorialsI

January Ron Watson Free Masonry in Perth and Area
February Rev. Canon Purcell The Irish and the Rideau Canal
March Ken Watson; Susan Code;
David Taylor
The 175th Anniversary of the Tay Canal
April Neil Patterson Irish Settlers of the Rideau Corridor
May Jeff Earl Archaeology of the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Site, Perth
September Hugh Chatfield The Daniel Daverne Documentary
October Tim Zander Perth & District Collegiate Institute Student Research
November Stephen Nichol The 21st Battalion C.E.F in WWI
Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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