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The Society is an unincorporated, independent 'association' that works closely with other area groups with similar heritage interests. A volunteer 'Executive Committee' provides leadership and planning, and organizes the Society's activities and events. The Committee has an informal structure consisting of a Chair and Secretary, and positions delivering Program Coordination, Publicity, Finance, and Webmaster activities. We also recognize our Past President and Honourary President.


An historical society has been active in Perth, with only one or two gaps, since the late nineteenth century – and became the present-day Perth & District Historical Society. In 2007, the Society was re-structured under the guidance of a coordinating committee, which became the nucleus of the present ‘Executive Committee’.


Rather than institute a formal membership structure, the current Committee made the decision in 2007 to simply maintain a mailing and contact list, for the purpose of disseminating information on the Society’s activities, including invitations to the monthly presentations. In lieu of ‘membership fees’, meeting participants are invited to make a nominal, voluntary contribution (presently a ‘Tooney’). This has proved both effective and adequate in meeting administrative costs and delivering the Society’s history message in the area.

email list We welcome your ‘membership’ in our email mailing list – just send us an email with a request to be added to the mailing list: (Notices are sent once a month.)


Our main activity is our monthly meeting, held between August and June, that features one or more presentations on Perth and area history. See our Events Page for details.

Additionally, the Society, and also individually our Executive, assist with other history-related community events, in Perth and area, such as the Perth Regional Heritage Fair, and other history and genealogical societies. In 2009, the Society was an initiator and co-organizer of the celebrations for the Tay Canal's 175th Anniversary, and in 2016 delivered many events recognising the area's 200th Anniversary.

The Society also informally monitors activities and developments that could impact the maintenance of the area history and heritage. For example, the Society recently submitted recommendations to the Ontario Realty Corporation regarding means of providing recognition of an important archaeological site in Perth.

Executive Committee

Chairperson – Ellen Dean

Honourary Chair (In Memoriam) – Gus Quattrocchi

Chair, Emeritus - John Fowler

Committee - Annie Dalton, Ellen Dean, John Fowler, Phillip Goldring, Beth Graham, Frances Rathwell, Gary Waterfield, Jim Winton

Finance – Beth Graham, John Fowler

Media – Ellen Dean, Philip Goldring

Webmaster – Ken Watson

Website Content – David Taylor

Mailing List/Mailings – David Taylor, Ann Nagle

Contact Us

We welcome your questions and comments, feel free to email or write to us.

Please note: we regret that we are unable to provide a full historical research enquiry service, however, we will try to point you to a suitable source.

Perth & District Historical Society
3 Taggart Crescent
Perth, ON K7H 3P5


Tel: 613-264-0094
Perth, the Capital of the District of Dalhousie; from the N-East bank of the River Tay - painting by Thomas Burrowes, 1828, Archives of Ontario, I0002141

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